The name says it all really! Massappeal has been on the grind for 15yrs and no stranger to the underground. Known for his high energy Drum and Bass and Fidget sets, driving the crowd to peak hour enjoyment! Get ready to witness the sheer passion in his performance. If he’s not bouncing all over waving his arms, pumping up the masses, he’s scratching up the vinyl with ferocity.
Starting his career in Seattle circa 98’ getting down to the likes of Donald Glaude and DJ Dan as residents, @ NAF Studios, learning from countless shows of Glaude and how he worked the crowd with his signature, “Put your F-ing hands up!” After a few years he moved back east to MA, tearing & mixing it up through parties all over MA, NY, NH, WA, CA, FL, NV and not slowing down anytime soon.