Lucius Natick was ratified early in the Reagan administration through a top secret Department Of Defense spending bill, the objective being to genetically engineer a race of technologically-advanced super DJ's. As part of a seldom-known offshoot of S.D.I. titled the Planet Rock Initiative, design proposals were solicited from Matsushita, Raytheon, Numark, Lockheed Martin, Monsanto Corporation, and the makers of the original Slip N Slide.

The design selection process was lengthy as well as costly; several of the commissionees scrapped plans and started from scratch midway through the project, in an attempt to better address evolving demands of entitled, drunken bar patrons. Eventually the contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin, with consultative license granted to Matsushita on the strength of the original SL-1200 design.

Due to budgetary overruns and a crippling shortage of Ultimate Breaks And Beats compilations outside of New York City, Natick could not be birthed until the fall of 1988 in a petri dish at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in California. Lucius's birth weight has never been revealed to the general public, though declassified documents suggest (with conflicting accounts) that he was "junglist massive".

From an early age, it was seen to that Lu was raised on a rigorous diet of breakbeat, sludge metal, and deep space field recordings. Conspiracy theories exist that he was bred to assert US dominance in modeling contests, though the true nature of his continued existence is unknown, even to the man himself.

Rumors persist that Ableton Live is his platform of choice, but to confirm that information with anyone outside of the Pentagon would result in the systematic abduction and execution of enough people to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival six times over.