Since the early nineties, glowworm has been recording mix tapes from fuzzy radio stations, and passing them out unwarranted to friends and family.

“You want The Macarena three times in a row on side A? No? Well you can just keep that anyway.” - glowworm, age 9

With a strong belief that everyone should have access to good dance tracks, she continued to share music. At the ripe old age of 15, someone let her use a computer to find all the music ever in the world. It was then she discovered trip hop, breakbeats, and electronica, and apologized to everyone for making them do The Macarena. After emerging from a dark period called art school, she decided all she ever wanted to do was dance and listen to music forever. Continuing to pass out mix tapes to everyone and their mother, she eventually gathered all the kids who liked to party and they collectively set the roof on fire. One time, they almost made the second floor of a three family cave the fuck in. After a while, she decided to stop DJing with her iPod and buy a Traktor controller. And then she met a junglist, which made her head explode, because drum & bass. After cleaning the blood and brains off the wall, glowworm stopped being a chump and started spinning anywhere they would let her. She’s currently the resident DJ at Diehard on Decks in Quincy, MA, spinning 90’s hip hop, d’n’b, and deep house every wednesday night. In between eating grimey beats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, glowworm is pursuing a ph.d. in the art of bedroom dancing.