DJ Dig-Doug got his start in 1984 making hip-hop and electro mix tapes for his break-dancing crew in Detroit. In the late 80’s he cut his teeth in the Detroit Techno scene spinning at after hours clubs and house parties until he moved to Florida in 1992. He honed his chops in the Florida funky breaks scene of the 90’s spinning old-school, freestyle and funky breaks until he made the evolution into Drum-N-Bass.

Dig-Doug originally made a name and reputation for himself as a DJ, promoter and event producer around the Orlando and Central Florida area during the funky breaks explosion in the mid-90’s, turned-on to jungle and drum-n-bass in 1994 he eventually abandoned the breaks scene and became a full-fledged Junglist in 1997. Doug moved from Orlando to Boston in 2000 and took some time off from the scene starting in 2005.
He re-emerged in 2012 with a signature hard-hitting, sub-genre bending style that is unmistakably his own. Listening to Dig-Doug spin today, it is obvious that he not only kept up with the music, but sharpened his skill-set while in his self-imposed exile.

Dig-Doug has boundless energy for pushing the sound forward, and is seemingly everywhere lately. A daily soldier for Jungle/DnB, his schedule has been split between heavy gigging as both a supporting and headlining DJ throughout New England, as well as hosting and curating the New England Junglists REVOLUTION Podcast, Producing and Promoting the New England Junglists "UNITED” Monthly Event, and putting together the forthcoming REVOLUTION Radio and accompanying NEJ blog, website, event calendar, with signature clothing and apparel line… Big tings a gwaan!!!